for English speakers

What is Konline?

Konline is a fantasy/sci-fi convention that’s held completely online. There are lectures, readings, discussion panels and even ttrpg sessions, all available on the ‘net.

Do you need to buy a ticket?

No, entry is completely free – you only need a computer and Internet access (and if you want to take part in a ttrpg session, you might need a microphone and a webcam, depending on the GM’s preference).

Where’s the programme?

We’ll publish it soon on the webpage. The links will replace the ones used for programme submissions.

What tools will we use?

Lectures and similar will be on 8x8 meet – the links will be posted on discord before the start of each session. Some of the lectures will also be available in streaming on Facebook – depending on the presenter. Ttrpg sessions will take place on platforms chosen by the GMs. We’re trying to pick the tools that don’t require installing additional software, so a decently up-to-date browser should be enough.

How can I find a GM?

In the system we’re using for signing up for the sessions you’ll see the GMs nicknames, and on the discord there’s a channel called #rpg-info. That’s where you can find your GM and together you’ll move on to another communication channel (if you have any technical issues, #rpg-info will be there to help).

How do I find my team?

In the sign-up system you’ll see the nicknames of all of the session’s participants. At the given hour just ping them on the #rpg-info channel, and if you have any problems, ask one of our helpers for assistance.

So where are we playing?

It’s up to the GM: it could be discord (their own, or a channel on our convention discord), meet.google.com (we can set up a channel), roll20, or meet.jit.si.

Do I need a microphone if I want to listen to a lecture?

No, you can always ask a question through the text chat.

Can I join a lecture after it’s already started?

Yes, just don’t disturb other listeners. For obvious reasons we’re using tools geared towards multi-person meetings, so constant joining and leaving lectures can slightly impede their functioning.

I need help, where can I get it?

On the discord you’ll find a channel called #punkt-info, that’s where you can ask for help. If the issue concerns a ttrpg session, ask at #rpg-info. There’s also the open channel #orgroom, if you feel you need to contact the organisers directly – but please don’t overuse it.

Will it be fun?

Of course!