Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct below describes some rules that will allow everyone to have fun during the convention. Follow them while participating in the event.

Basically: act just like every other day when you want to be safe and keep others safe. During any game session or while chatting to each other everyone should feel safe. It is not acceptable to attack other participants in any way.

While playing or participating in a discussion follow these rules:

  • Don’t harass other convention participants.

  • Respect the independence of other convention participants.

  • Don’t publish illegal content.

  • If you want to record or stream your programme (including sessions), inform other participants before starting. Don’t do it without their agreement.

We shall not tolerate any unpleasant or undesirable behaviour towards other participants, such as:

  • any insulting comments, e.g. regarding sex, gender identification and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, being on the autism spectrum, looks, body, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language or religion;

  • unwanted comments regarding the choices and lifestyle of a given person, including those pertaining to food, health, parenting or work;

  • spreading erotic or pornographic content;

  • insulting comments towards a specific person, even if this person is not specifically mentioned, especially mockery and criticism in bad faith;

  • slander and libel, be it spoken or written, no matter where it is published, involving another convention participant;

  • theft or appropriation of other people’s property (including digital products);

  • taking part in the convention while inebriated or intoxicated;

  • threats;

  • inciting anyone to violence, including inciting to suicide or self-harm;

  • bullying;

  • harassment or stalking, both physical and digital;

  • harassment by taking photos or recordings, including registering another person’s online activities with the intent of harassment;

  • repeated disturbance of communication;

  • inappropriate social conduct, such as initiating unwanted intimate contact with others;

  • intentional reveal of any aspect of another person’s identity without said person’s agreement, unless it is necessary to protect the safety of other Konline participants.

If you experience any of those behaviours and need support, if you notice someone being a victim of such behaviours or if you have other concerns, contact us on a dedicated Discord channel: #helpdesk-org. You can also send a private message to the following people:

Weronika Rędziniak - @Mau (Hydra#4734)

Maciej Starzycki - @zefir (zefir#1916)

Konline’s Code of Conduct was prepared based on the Gauntlet community’s Code of Conduct.

Konline is organized by Avangarda Association.

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