Terms and conditions of the Konline online event

  1. The Konline online event, hereafter referred to as the Convention, takes place from 4-6 March 2022 via online platforms: Discord and Google Meets.

  2. Participation in the Convention is synonymous with acceptance of these Terms and conditions.

  3. The Organizer of the Convention is Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Fantastyki AVANGARDA, ul. Polna 46D/13, 00-644 Warszawa, KRS 0000272294, REGON 140858970, NIP 113-26-66-535 - hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.

  4. The Convention is intended for persons over 16 years of age. Persons under this age should take part in the Convention only with the knowledge and consent of their legal guardians.

  5. The Convention is a non-commercial event.

  6. The Convention is a closed event, in which only those who have accepted the Terms and conditions of the Convention may take part.

  7. The Convention consists of open and closed programme sessions. Participation in the closed sessions is possible after prior registration through a publicly available form.

  8. The Organizer reserves the right to use materials from the Convention (screenshots, recordings and others) containing the personal image of participants for promotional purposes.

  9. The Organizer undertakes that recording of programme sessions will be each time dependent on the consent of the persons conducting a given programme session.

  10. All participants are obliged to follow the generally accepted rules of personal culture and refrain from aggression towards other Convention participants, regardless of their role and status, under pain of expulsion from the Convention.

  11. Each participant is obliged to submit to the decisions of the Organizer.

  12. The Organizer reserves the right to change and supplement the program of the event.

  13. The Organizer is not responsible for moral and health damages of the Convention participants.

  14. Persons who do not comply with the Terms and conditions may be removed from the Convention’s Internet platforms without the possibility of appeal.

  15. The Organizer decides about the matters not included in the Terms and conditions.

  16. All disputes related to the organization of the Convention will be settled on the basis of Polish law in the court appropriate for the city of the Organizer.

Konline is organized by Avangarda Association.

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