Welcome to Konline

Q: Ok, but what's Konline?
A: It's an online convention for fans of fantasy, sci-fi, TTRPGs, boardgames, LARPs and all that comes with it.

Q: So what do you do here?
A: Well, we'll have panels, lectures, TTRPG sessions and more, all online. You'll find more details about the programme here and on FB pretty soon.

Q: Do I need to speak Polish to take part?
A: Not at all! While the convention is organised by Polish fans, a significant part of the programme will be in English. Actually, you can help us by organising a presentation or a session in English!

Q: Where and when will I get more info about the event?
A: Here and on FB, and soon - just give us a few days to get all the details ironed out :)

On our YouTube channel we publish recordings of lectures and panels that took place at our convention.

On our convention discord server you can get help, information or talk to other participants