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Konline 2023

Konline is an online convention created by fans for fans! We first organized it during the pandemic to combat the sadness and feelings of isolation. Today, we do Konline for fun - we still want to be able to chat and play with people from all over the world without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Join us!

What to expect?

  • A bit of RPGs, lectures.
  • Besides that, just like at the housewarmings, what you bring or submit will be there. 🦄

Register a program item

Got an idea for a panel discussion? Or would you like to host a show and talk about what you're passionate about in fantasy, pop culture, or literature? Submit your programme entry today!

You have time till November 6th.

Register RPG session

Playing RPGs online is something worth trying. Would you like to run one? Whether it's your n-th time or your first, you're more than welcome (and we'll help if you need it)!

You have time till November 6th.


Do you have an idea for getting involved in the event? Send us an email at